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Agile Is Not Just a Development Methodology

Recently, several of my favorite bloggers have debated the role of product management in agile product development: Adam Bullied asked if the notion of an agile product manager is baloney . Enthiosys argued that agile does and should change how product managers do their jobs . Saeed argued that agile only need affect product management incidentally and at the margins . You'll find my thoughts dispersed throughout some of the comments in these blog entries. If you're an executive interested in the debate, here's what you need to know. First, read a blog entry I wrote in June 2005 entitled "Agile Product Management" . In it, I lay out some of the basics of waterfall and agile methods. Second, read a blog entry I wrote in September 2005 entitled "BUFR" . In the entry, I contended that the two main causes of problems with waterfall methods are big up-front design (BUFD) and big up-front requirements (BUFR). Third, note that the most important set of proble