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Debunking Leadership Myths

Typical Conversation Between Product Managers Many conversations about product management and leadership have taken place in the blogosphere and Twitter.  The typical exchange goes something like this: Product Manager 1:  "Product managers have a lot of responsibility but no formal authority." Product Manager 2:  "Authority is something to be earned, not granted." Product Manager 1:  "But developers and sales don't listen to me, because they don't report to me and are in different departments." Product Manager 2:  "Great leaders work with cross-functional teams." Product Manager 1:  "Yes, but I don't get any support from executives when I work across departments." Product Manager 2:  "You shouldn't need support if you are a great leader." Leadership Myths Let's put to rest the two opposing leadership myths that underlie these types of exchanges.  The opposing myths are: A great leader's effec