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Product Talks #4: Balancing Commercial Initiatives with User Experience Concerns

I will be in Sydney, Australia in early November to facilitate the fourth installment of brainmates ' Product Talks . The conversations will focus on the challenges of balancing commercial initiatives with user experience concerns. A copy of the media release follows: Raising the Bar on Product Management Excellence brainmates is inviting Product Management specialist, Roger L. Cauvin , to Australia this November to lead public and client events in Sydney, offering his expertise and fresh perspectives in Product Management to local corporations. Cauvin will be facilitating brainmates fourth Product Talks session, a free quarterly forum that brings together product and marketing professionals to network and discuss issues in contemporary Product Management. Cauvin will lead conversations on ‘Balancing Commercial Initiatives with User Experience Concerns’ on November 5th at brainmates’ office. Registration is required to attend Product Talks events. A selection of brainmates clie