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Join Me for ProductCamp Austin 13

UPDATE: The presentation won "Best Session" at ProductCamp Austin 13. Check out the slides here . Join me Saturday, August 2nd, 2014 for ProductCamp Austin 13. I think  I missed only one ProductCamp Austin "unconference" since helping to organize the first event. At ProductCamp, product management and marketing professionals teach, learn, and network. For the upcoming event, I've proposed a session called "Google or Why We Suck at Naming Products and Companies". What the heck is a hopdoddy? Did you know that scientists have studied what makes a great brand name? The findings may surprise you. Our intuitions about brand names are the opposite of what the science tells us. In the session, we’ll answer: What goals should you strive to achieve when choosing a name for your product or company? What does the science say about what types of names best accomplish these goals? How should you choose a name? Prepare to chal