Saturday, February 16, 2008

Vodka Delusions

Sorry, but Grey Goose is mediocre. Ditto for Ketel One. At least according to a tasting panel at the New York Times.

The tasting panel sampled 21 unflavored vodkas, mostly on the high end. But for kicks, they decided to include lowly Smirnoff in the mix. The results?
[A]t the end of our tasting it was Smirnoff at the top of our list, ahead of many other names that are no doubt of higher status in stylish bars and lounges. Some of those names did not even make our Top 10. Grey Goose from France, one of the most popular vodkas, was felt to lack balance and seemed to have more than a touch of sweetness. Ketel One from the Netherlands, another top name, was felt to be routine and sharp, although Mr. Klemm did describe it as "a good mixer."
Here were the top ten:
  1. Smirnoff United States Grain
  2. Wyborowa Poland Single Estate Rye
  3. Belvedere Poland Rye
  4. Absolut Sweden Level Grain
  5. Hangar 1 United States Straight Wheat and Grain
  6. Vox Netherlands Wheat
  7. Olifant Netherlands Grain
  8. 42 Below New Zealand Wheat
  9. Skyy United States Grain
  10. Teton Glacier United States Potato
The placebo affect [sic] is alive and well.

1 comment :

Mat said...

Vodka is definitely one of those products that elicit the placebo effect. They all are basically tasteless..
Look at the quote for Teton Glacier: 'Clean and light on the palate; odorless and tasteless'

For most, vodka preference is an accessory; A decoration of self that has little to do with taste, and everything to do with image.

Let's see if I can affect consumer preference even a little..

Real Austinites drink Tito's.. It's an award winning Vodka made in the heart of the Lone Star state. Try it.