Sunday, June 19, 2005


A lot of friends are surprised I haven't started a blog. I have a tendency to pontificate and pretend I'm an expert on everything, so you'd think I'd have been one of the first people to start a blog.

Well, I still am not ready to start a full-fledged blog. Believe it or not, I'm really not sure I have enough to say. A successful blog requires regular updates with interesting content. I want any blog I start to be successful, since there's little point in expressing opinions if no one reads them.

So I'm starting an experimental blog. This message is the first in the experimental blog. I want to understand the different capabilities of blog frameworks, and the best way to learn is to actually use them.

[UPDATE: It looks like I'm ready to go live with this blog. Reader comments and suggestions are welcome!]


Brandon said...

You may want to use feedburner so you see who is reading your blog.

Roger L. Cauvin said...

Thanks. I just signed up for Feedburner. Note the "Feed" button at the top of the sidebar.

Rob said...

This is a general comment - nothing specific regards Roger. What is the big deal with Blogs anyway? Am I really meant to visit a web site on a regular basis should they happen to post something of interest? I just don;t get the value proposition! Any education would be useful.