Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Business Week Article on Google

Business Week's article (via Steve Johnson) addresses two defining characteristics of Google:
  1. The role of simplicity in their products' success.
  2. The effect of product proliferation on focus.
We find some interesting facts and figures about Google's products:
  • Google Talk is #10 in instant messaging.
  • Gmail trails MSN and Yahoo in e-mail.
  • Google Finance is #40 among finance sites.
  • Orkut has 1% of Myspace's social networking traffic.
  • Google Maps is #2 in online maps.
  • Google News is #2 among aggregated news sites.
  • Google's blog search tool has 17% as much traffic as Technorati.

Meanwhile, product managers and analysts everwhere continue to observe how Google's experiments play out.

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