Friday, May 09, 2008

What Dimensions Are Best for a Logo?

You're choosing a logo for your company. In all likelihood, you either:
  1. Have some creative folks on your team design it.
  2. Hire a creative marketing firm to design it.
Then, of course, your team sits down, reviews a bunch of candidate logos, and each one of you spews out a bunch of thoroughly unscientific, personal opinions about which one is "better".

Fans of this blog know (because I have beaten them over the head with it) that the best logos are blank slates (where the non-name portion of the logo conveys little or nothing about your company or product). And you generally should choose a logo with a single color that is the opposite of a major competitor's.

But how tall, and how wide, should your logo be?

Al Ries tells us logotype should fit your eyes: 1 unit high and 2 1/4 units wide.

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