Wednesday, November 09, 2005


I was doing some weight training a few minutes ago and had the TV on. I watched an advertisement for Kyocera Mita; the company sells printers, copiers, and fax machines.

Kyocera Mita has a major campaign marketing their products as "people friendly". I don't know whether they found the right message. I also don't know whether their products are truly easy to use. But I am impressed with their marketing campaign, because it seems focused and consistent. The music, the smiles on the faces of business people, the tag line, and just about everything else about their advertisements conveys the ease of use message.

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Arun Sadhashivan said...

I haven't seen the ad yet, it's not out yet here in the Netherlands, but what's wrong with consistency, if the message is different?

Kyocera uses its environmental credentials a lot here in Europe. They won a slew of awards in recent years on being the most environmentally sensitive company, with products that harm the environment the least. Folks in Europe would switch for environmental reasons.

Folks in the US, perhaps are more susceptible to the "people first" and "hassle free" messages. Maybe that's why they're consistently using those messages?