Thursday, February 09, 2006

Requirements Semantics

Ironically, I've started a discussion on Seilevel's Requirements Defined message board about the definition of "requirement". In that and other forums, semantic differences and confusions have arisen, and I thought it would be worthwhile to get on some common ground regarding just what a requirement is. You can participate in the discussion here (but you'll have to register):

Hope you can contribute!

UPDATE: You can find a comprehensive model of requirements concepts here.


Bruce Melendy said...

Roger - I'm enjoying and profiting from your blog posts and the discussions they've engendered. I got here looking for the excellent discussion on the Seilevel discussion board on requirements vs design that used to be here:

Sadly, that is returning a 500 internal server error. Any idea whether it's still available?


Bruce Melendy said...
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Roger L. Cauvin said...

Bruce, I can't find any of the old Seilevel discussion board messages, either. If anyone is able to locate them, please share a link.