Monday, July 23, 2007

Monitor Your On-Line Presence

If you monitor mentions of your company or product on search engines, in on-line news, or in blogs, you may find yourself manually performing searches on an irregular basis. An easy way to monitor your on-line presence is to use Google Alerts:
  1. Go to the Google Alerts page.
  2. Sign into your Google account (if you don't have one, create one).
  3. Click the 'New Alert' button on the bottom right of the page.
  4. Type the search keywords you wish to monitor.
  5. Select whether to monitor news, blogs, web, groups, or comprehensive (all of them).
  6. Select how often you wish Google Alerts to perform its searches.
  7. Click the 'Create Alert' button.
Then you'll receive e-mail notifications when your on-line presence changes.

1 comment :

ekeleme said...

Thanks for the great tidbit. I'm going to use the Google Alerts to keep track of our competitive clients. It will allow me to stay on top of what people in the ad industry are doing as well.

P.S. great blog...keep up the work.