Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Apple Juggles the Notebook Constraints

One of the struggles that companies face in a competitive product environment is juggling feature constraints. For example, in the notebook computer industry, the following variables tend to trade off against each other:
  • screen size and resolution
  • weight
I.e., a notebook computer with a large screen size and high resolution tends to weight a lot. This trade-off is problematic for prospective purchasers of notebooks, because:
  • Most computer users are much less productive when they work on small screens with low resolution.
  • It is difficult to lug around a heavy computer.
Product comparison guides often exist in highly-competitive business such as notebook computers. Using CNET's notebook comparison guide, I set a filter to show only those notebooks with a screen size of 16" or greater and a weight of at most 7 lbs.

Only five notebooks remained. Four out of five of these notebooks was an Apple. Apple seems to have done the best job confronting the screen size versus weight constraints.

Unfortunately, none of the notebooks supports full 1080p HD resolution.

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