Friday, February 02, 2007

Kawasaki on Obstacles to Market Adoption

Guy Kawasaki tells us common mistakes companies make that hinder market adoption:
  1. Enforced immediate registration.
  2. The long URL.
  3. Windows that don’t generate URLs.
  4. The unsearchable web site.
  5. Sites without Digg,, and Fark bookmarks.
  6. Limiting contact to email.
  7. Lack of feeds and email lists.
  8. Requirement to re-type email addresses.
  9. User names cannot contain the “@” character.
  10. Case sensitive user names and passwords.
  11. Friction-full commenting.
  12. Unreadable confirmation codes.
  13. Emails without signatures.
  14. Supporting only Windows Internet Explorer.
Check it out for details.

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