Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Jyte Claim and Branding

Yesterday, I signed up for a Jyte account. As usual, I'm following the lead of my "early adopter" friends, Brandon and Cote.

Members of Jyte post "claims" (statements that may or may not be true). Jyte scores the claims based on the votes of other members.

I posted the claim, "The best brand names are not descriptive of the product or service." As I type this entry, the votes are 86.7% that the statement is true. Sign up and go here to express your opinion.


Scott Sehlhorst said...

Pretty cool. Quick question - I've read somewhere that this is true for B2C products, but that B2B products may benefit from descriptive naming.

In your experience, is there a distinction? Are there different factors at play?


Roger L. Cauvin said...

Scott, see this recent entry.