Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Web Widgets Article

MarketingProfs.com has just published my new article, "How Web Widgets Help with Viral Marketing". Don't hesitate to post your questions or comments here. And please feel free to send it to your friends and colleagues who might find it interesting.

Oh, and thanks to Brandon for proofreading the article and suggesting edits.


Dave said...

I enjoyed your article. I happen to be a maker of widgets and I can see that value that they add as a marketing tool. That said, I wonder how effective they really can be. I know that the blogger or myspace user will find value in them, but what kind of traffic do they drive? What kind of impression do they make really? I would love to do some real research in to this topic. Anyway, like I said I enjoyed your article. You can find some of my widgets at lemieuxster.com

Roger L. Cauvin said...

In the case of YouTube, the widget actually solves the #1 problem. MPEGs, AVIs, and QuickTime movies have existed for years. What was not straightforward was a non-HTML programmer quickly embedding the video in her web page. YouTube's widget made it easy. So, in retrospect, it's not too surprising that it was a big success.