Thursday, April 12, 2007

Upgrading Java

Sun recently released Java 6.0. As a current user of Java 5.0 (Dadnab is written primarily in Java), I've looked into upgrading to the new version. So far, I haven't done so, because I don't know how.

Before, it was mostly a matter of including jar files in the class path when compiling or running the Java program. Now I don't even know if those jar files exist in the new version.

This situation is striking. I have studied Sun's Java site and forums. I have downloaded new Java software and read the documentation. Perhaps I've missed something, but I really have no idea how to make my currently operational Java programs use the new version.

Did anyone specify upgradability requirements for Java 6.0? Did anyone test against them, having a sample of representative Java 5.0 users (not Sun employees) sit down and attempt to upgrade to the new version? I doubt it. They've ended up with a product and associated set of documentation that is unusable for some experienced Java programmers because they can't upgrade to it.

Can anyone help me? Dadnab currently uses the Java SDK and Java EE. What do I download, and what do I install, to simply upgrade to the new versions (so I can take advantage of some of the new functionality, such as generics)?

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