Sunday, September 04, 2005

A Call to Action?

What is your company web site's call to action?

In general, your company's web site shouldn't just look pretty or provide information. When a prospective customer visits it, it should drive them to act. "Sure," you say, "our web site provides information that stimulates a visitor to buy our products." Really? A visitor is going to read a little about your company and its products and buy, right then and there?

You're usually better off having a more modest, intermediate goal for your web site. You need a realistic call to action. Possibilities include:

1. Downloading a demo.
2. Requesting some specific information about the product.
3. Inviting someone else to buy the product.
4. Signing up for a trial version of the product.
5. Signing up for a free "consultation".

You should focus your web site on getting the visitor to perform the action you choose. Make sure it's obvious what the action is, and that it is easy to perform.

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