Thursday, April 27, 2006

Positioning Your House

You can apply marketing principles to selling your house.

My parents are planning to sell their house soon. When I asked them about it, they pessimistically noted that the property is near a fairly busy road, so people inside the house can sometimes hear traffic noise.

Remember one of the ways to position your product: find the strength within your biggest weakness. So I proceeded to point out to my parents that they have possible optimistic messages to highlight when they sell their house:
  • Convenient access to the retail on the busy road.
  • Being located within walking distance of an elementary school.
How about the following elevator speech:

"If you don't want to be close to Bee Caves Road, this isn't the house for you. But if you want your children to be able to walk one block to get to school, if you want quick access to the vast majority of shopping in the Westlake area, then you might qualify to live in our neighborhood."

A perfect example of embracing your weakness.

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