Saturday, April 08, 2006

Splitting the Check

This Maureen Dowd article appeared in the New York Times in late 2005. In it, Dowd gave her account of what "modern girls" do in dating. I found the following passage to be quite disturbing:
"After Googling and Bikramming to get ready for a first dinner date, a modern girl will end the evening with the Offering, an insincere bid to help pay the check. 'They make like they are heading into their bag after a meal, but it is a dodge,' Marc Santora, a 30-year-old Metro reporter for The Times, says. 'They know you will stop them before a credit card can be drawn. If you don't, they hold it against you.'

One of my girlfriends, a TV producer in New York, told me much the same thing: 'If you offer, and they accept, then it's over.'"
This state of affairs seems to be the worst of both worlds. Not only is does it revert to a prefeminist notion of gender roles, it smacks of dishonesty to me.

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