Friday, January 12, 2007

Introducing Dadnab

I have been working on my own venture for about year. In the middle of 2006, I began recruiting beta testers for the new service. The service is now out of beta.

Dadnab enables riders of mass transit (bus, rail, etc.) to plan their trips using text messaging from their mobile phones. A rider sends a text message with her origin and destination, and Dadnab replies to the message with an itinerary telling which buses or trains to take, at which stops, and at what times.

The service is currently available in Austin, Boston, Dallas, and Houston, with many more cities in the works.

Below is a demo, in the form of a web widget, of the +Dadnab service:

Try Dadnab now.

Comments and suggestions about the service are welcome. Please feel free to try it from your mobile phone (see the web site for instructions), and don't hesitate to spread the word.

UPDATE: To learn how to include the Dadnab widget on your blog or other web page, see my next entry.
UPDATE: Chicago Dadnab is now operational.
UPDATE: Seattle Dadnab is now operational.
UPDATE: Tri-State Dadnab is now operational. It covers New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut.
UPDATE: Bay Area Dadnab is now operational. It covers the San Francisco Bay Area.
UPDATE: Portland Dadnab is now operational.
UPDATE: Southern California Dadnab is now operational.


Jeff Key said...

Bravo! Please include Chicago, as we have a very healthy public transit ridership. (Can't always say the same about the service, but we're used to it.)

rcauvin said...

Thanks, Jeff. Your timing is impeccable, as Chicago is the next city that Dadnab will support. Look for it to be available before February.

tmycann said...

Any thoughts on Washington, DC or Milwaukee joining the list of cities any time soon?

Roger L. Cauvin said...

Washington, DC is in the plans but as of yet there is no projected date.