Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Product Management Deliverables

The reports that we put together at Cauvin, Inc. serve as an example of the deliverables a product manager produces. As I've mentioned in previous posts, we use an iterative approach to producing our documents. In fact, we begin delivering reports to clients the first week. The reports consist mostly of templates. Feedback the client gives us on these templates enables us to modify the documents to suit the client's needs. We incrementally flesh out these documents until the project ends.

Here is the set of documents we typically deliver to a client:

buyer profiles - profiles the different kinds of buyers in the market
market segments and sizing - divides the market into segments and estimates the size of each segment
market requirements - details the problems in the market and requirements the product must satisfy
positioning and messaging - messages and themes to use in advertising and PR
naming - what to name the product and/or company
pricing - how much to charge for the product
competitors - analysis of the product's competition
prospect interview notes - notes from one-on-one interviews with prospective customers of the product
survey report - results of survey(s) of prospective customers
key findings - significant observations and conclusions from market study (interviews and surveys)

Armed with this information, clients are able to plan and strategize their product development and marketing.