Friday, August 19, 2005

Why Pay for a Logo?

Here are some guidelines for designing and choosing a logo:
  1. The logo should be abstract (a "blank slate") and bear little or no resemblance to the product or product name.
  2. The attributes (e.g. colors) of the logo should be consistent with the rest of your branding effort.
  3. The logo should be such that it is possible to size it to fit on your marketing material, company documents, and product.
  4. The logo should be unique and identifiable to someone who has seen it multiple times.
  5. The logo should be easy to reproduce electronically (e.g. on a web page) and in print.

Given these guidelines, it makes little sense to pay a branding/advertising firm exhorbitant amounts of money to produce the logo. You just need someone creative who knows how to use simple drawing software on a computer.

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