Monday, October 16, 2006

"Laptop" of the Future, Revisited

A couple of updates to my recent entry about the merging of mobile phone and laptop computer technology:
  1. Coincidentally, CNET News has a story about smartphone-maker Symbian's executives predicting the death of the laptop. One of the execs said, ""[I]n five years' time you'll wonder why you need a PC at all." They predict smartphone technology will render traditional laptop computers obsolete. But you heard it here first (to my knowledge, anyway).
  2. In a comment, Brandon noted convergence issues. I have written in the past that marketing guru Al Ries believes product categories tend to diverge rather than converge. In my reply to Brandon's comment, I draw attention to a distinction I have made: convergence of product categories versus convergence of technology.
It will be interesting to see what actually happens five, ten years from now.

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