Friday, November 24, 2006

Marketing Equals Margin

According to Wendy White, Motorola's director of global technology marketing and communications, Motorola has a healthy view of marketing.

She equates marketing with margin:
People here like to think of marketing as equal to margin—which comes from enabling brand premium and creating demand.
She also describes Motorola's attitudes towards marketing:
In many companies, it's easy for marketing to be seen as a service organization: Non-marketers are thinking, "We'll do the work; you make it pretty." At Motorola, we focus marketing on discovering what's important to the customer and then positioning our offerings based on those distinct needs. It has also helped that our new CEO comes from a high-tech marketing background and has further revitalized perceptions of marketing. Now, our marketing team seems like one unified function, compared to the more fragmented feeling we had earlier.
Via MarketingProfs.

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