Saturday, November 18, 2006

Pat Buchanan and Ali G

Funny exchange from the Ali G show before the 2004 election:
ALI G: "Does you think that Saddam ever was able to make these weapons of mass destruction or whatever, or as they is called, BLTs?
Mr. PATRICK BUCHANAN: "The--was Saddam able to make them?"
ALI G: "Could he make BLTs?
"Mr. BUCHANAN: "Yes. At one time, he was using BLTs on the Kurds in the north. If he had anthrax, if he had mustard gas..."
ALI G: "Whatever he put in them."
Mr. BUCHANAN: "No. No, no. If he had mustard gas, no."
ALI G: "Let's say he didn't have mustard and the BLTs just was plain. Would you have been able to go in there then?"
Somehow Ali G tricked Pat Buchanan into referring to WMDs as BLT sandwiches.

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